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Body Sculpting Services: Effective Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatments

Owner: I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years and know that no matter how hard you try there is always “lumps and bumps” you can’t seem to get rid of.

We specialise in the latest and newest approach to effective non-invasive body contouring treatments  to assist with fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening.

We offer assessments at all our studios and will advise you on the best treatments suited to you. Private, personal and professional service always.

Strict adherence to COVID-19  regulations.  Your safety is of the utmost importance.

Body Sculpting

Fat Freeze/Cryoliplysis

An alternative to fat reduction surgery

We all carry that unwanted fat whether its around the waist, bottom, hips or thighs. Until recently, the only real option was surgery.

BUT NOW The Fat Freeze treatment offers an effective and real alternative to fat reduction surgery with excellent results.

Even if you are someone who exercises regularly and follows a healthy diet and lifestyle, it can be hard to shift stubborn areas of fat.

This becomes even harder as you get older. The procedure is used to break down stubborn fat deposits. The exposure to cooling causes a localised inflammatory response in the fat cells (called Panniculitis) within a treated area.

This inflammation of the fat cells damages the fat cells by rupturing them, thereby releasing their contents. These contents are then naturally flushed away by your body’s own mechanisms and lead to a gradual reduction of the thickness of the fat layer.

Fat freeze treatment

During the Fat Freeze treatment an anti-freeze membrane is applied to protect your skin. We will then place the Fat Freeze applicator on to the treatment area.

You will experience a pulling sensation as the skin is drawn into the applicator.
As the temperature begins to reduce the area will go numb. Once we release the applicators, we will gently massage the “frozen” tissue.

Most clients report that the treatment is comfortable. However the initial suction and cooling can be mildly uncomfortable (first 5 to 6 minutes)..

Areas you can freeze!

Sculpting Treatments

More about our treatments

There is no recovery period involved. You might experience a mild tenderness and some bruising in the treated area, but this should pass quickly.

It is important that you continually hydrate yourself by drinking water for a period of 3 to 4 weeks following the treatment to help your body flush away waste products.

As the number of fat cells in your body is fixed after birth, new fat cells will not be produced, and there is no chance of these fat cells returning after treatment.

It is important to understand that existing fat cells are being left behind and could increase in size if you start eating more calories than you burn. You should always follow a sensible lifestyle, which includes exercise and a healthy diet.


It will take about 2 months to see the full effect of the fat reduction. You will however, notice an improvement from approximately the second or third week after the treatment.

Some clients will require 2 to 3 sessions on the same area, depending on the amount of fat in the area and you should notice a minimum reduction of 20% fat in the treated area after one treatment..

BENEFITS: Effective and permanent fat reduction. Non-invasive and pain free. Visible results after just one treatment. No downtime or drugs required after treatment

Cellulite Treatment

Ultrasonic Cavitation (cellulite) treatment

This treatment is one of the most advanced ways to remove cellulite, break down fat cells, tighten and tone the skin.

The machine uses ultrasonic sound waves/frequencies to disrupt the fat cell walls, which causes the fat cells to “leak” their contents into the fluid spaces of your body.

From there, your lymph system picks up this waste material (the loose fat) and begins circulating it through your body until it can be processed and eliminated by the body.

Minimum of 6 sessions is recommended, however depending on the severity of the cellulite or amount of fat on the area the clients might require up to 12 sessions. As with any treatment, the results may vary from person to person depending on age, tissue structure, treatment area, individual metabolism, current medications, and changes in hormones. Painless and no downtime required.

RADIO FREQUENCY (Skin Tightening)

The multi-polar radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in the tissue which stimulates the body’s natural healing response causing new collagen to form, and the production of new elastin fibres making skin look and feel firmer.

Skin is heated consistently and uniformly without the risk of any burns.

Areas that can be treated are waist, back, thighs, hips, arms, inner and outer thighs, below glutes and the face.

After the treatment you can resume your regular activities immediately. There’s no recovery time or special follow-up care.

Skin Tightening Treatment

Lipo Laser

Lipo Laser

The Lipo Laser uses laser energy to safely (and painlessly) penetrates the skin and targets specific adipose (or fat) cells.

This process causes transitory pores to appear in the cells releasing the adipose (fat cells) contents: water, glycerol (triglycerides), and free fatty acids into the interstitial space thus shrinking the cells and reducing cm’s in the areas targeted.

The Procedure is painless. Areas treated back, waist, thighs, hips, inner and outer thighs, below glutes.

What is Hiemt-Pro Sculpting? (Available at Rondebosch East, Tableview Studio ONLY)

It is high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger what’s called supramaximal contractions. 

It is a treatment for the “improvement of abdominal muscle tone and strength, also to strengthen, tone and firm the buttocks, arms and legs.

This treatment is intended to act as supplement to active, healthy lifestyles. Someone who has a low BMI. (Body Mass Index)

What sets this treatment apart from the pack is its duality: It not only implodes fat cells (for a 19 percent loss after four treatments), but simultaneously builds muscle fibers (by roughly 16 percent) sponsored studies have reported a 10 percent reduction in diastasis recti, the abdominal separation that occurs commonly in pregnancy.

“Hiemt-Pro Sculpting essentially causes 20,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes, you will never accomplish this in the gym.

After a single treatment, you’ll notice the area looking better a day or two later.” Four sessions, spaced a few days apart, is the recommended dose, with full results surfacing two to four weeks after your final appointment,

Hiemt-Pro Sculpting


Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Cryolipolisis (Fat Freezing)
Fat Freeze per Treatment Area

1 area – R1500 (lower tummy or chin)

2 areas – R2700 (left and right side) or (upper and lower tummy)

4 areas – R5000 (left and right side)

Add a slimming treatment/s to your fat freeze


Cancellation Policy
To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment

Recommended 6 – 12 Treatments

Ultrasonic Cavitation: 30 mins – R600 per treatment area (entire tummy) or (left and right side)
Radio Frequency: 30 mins – R600 per treatment area (entire tummy) or (left and right side)
Laser Lipo: 30 mins – R600 per treatment area (entire tummy) or (left and right side)


Non Surgical, Facial Rejuvenation, Collagen Boosting, improves fine lines
30 Minutes – R1000 per Treatment (for best results on going treatments recommended once a month)


4 treatments is recommended spaced approximately 3 days apart for best results.
30 Minutes – R2000 per treatment area
4 Treatments – R8000 | 8 Treatments – R12 000

Combo Treatments per treated area

Ultrasonic Cavitation & Laser Lipo: R2150
2 x 60 min combo session (Save R250)
Ultrasonic Cavitation & Radio Frequency: R2150
2 x 60 min combo session (Save R250)

Ultrasonic Cavitation/Radio Frequency & Laser Lipo 3 in 1 Combo: R3225
2 x 90 min 3 treatment combo session (Save R375)

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